Night Person (Rick & Morty) is here

Releasing the dark mode feature

Night Person (Rick & Morty) is here

Hey boss,


I will keep this short as we will hear more a lot more from each other in the upcoming days. We are dropping a lot starting today. It ranges from as simple as:

  • as simple as dark mode
  • to the newly published SDK
  • or the changes to Stash marketplace and upcoming features

Don't forget to check out the bonus section at the end. We might have a surprise for you.

Dark Mode (or as we call it the Night Person) Homepage

Well, it does not really do your chores while you are sleeping or builds you a "cut" figure just like Rick did. In other words, I would love something like this as my belly is getting sweet sitting 16 hours a day on a chair. Curious how you cope with all this sitting. Let me know:

Rick & Morty Cut

Check it out now at:

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Don't you miss the good old-fashioned chatboxes we used to have in Counter Strike etc? Yep, there was a lot of insulting going on but what can I say. It was fun. Don't you want that back? Everywhere.

Come chat

Come chat boss:

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