How does Stash help web3?

Stash is here, and it's packed with features that will simplify the lives of web3 developers and gamers.

Whether you're a cryptocurrency collector, a seasoned crypto gamer, or a first-time NFT player, we'd love to introduce you to Stash, Troy Labs' marketplace and protocol for NFT-based web3 games.

Why? Because it's a product and service we've created and because it's a practical, reliable, and adaptable answer to a wide range of issues.

How can you define Stash?

Stash is a software development kit for enabling rentals for non-fungible token (NFT) assets (characters, weapons, unique items, etc.) in NFT-based games, making them available through various income-renting-borrowing schemes. This all-encompassing protocol and platform allow studios

  • to monetize their unused NFTs,
  • increase their profile,
  • and attract new players to meet with gamers and make some money off their games.

Check it out here👇

Stash | Gaming NFT Rentals
Stash powers the NFT rentals to extend access and lower the barriers of play in web3. Use the plug&play Stash SDK to enable rentals and your own whitelabel NFT marketplace. All in 30 minutes.

How do the web3/NFT games on Stash work?

Everyone's first thought when they hear "NFT and gaming" is "games where you have to buy NFTs to play," but that's in the past. The so-called "Play to Earn" games and the guilds that offer scholarships to gain access to their NFTs have been hit hard by the bear market since it began. Web3 games, based on NFT, are always looking for new ways to attract users and build economies that will last.

Free-to-play is the first solution. Some web3 games function similarly to free-to-play games in terms of access, but they require the purchase of NFTs for access to premium content, including season passes, revenue systems, characters, mods, and cosmetics. There is also the option of making all NFTs in the game "free" to players via protocols like Stash or Guilds like Troy. In this setup, the studio (the developer), the player, and the rental protocol (in our example, Stash or Troy Guild) share in the player's in-game earnings.

  • ✅Player-oriented: All web3 games are available to players without cost or effort. You can rent any NFT you want and start making money as you play as soon as you sign up with Stash and receive your custodial wallet. You won't need to switch between different websites or wallets or get caught in the mind-blowing jargon and digital red tape. You decide to test a cutting-edge, foolproof system for making money through video games.
  • ✅Studio perks: Another perk for studios is that they no longer have to wait to sell their NFTs or be at the mercy of guilds and scholar review processes to expand their player bases. To "work" (i.e., generate revenue), these NFTs need only be played by anyone who has access to Stash (and, by extension, these NFTs). Even better, studios can have full access to the marketplace app and its many ways to make money within 30 minutes.
  • ✅Build whitelabel marketplace: We believe the best game studios will have their own marketplaces in the future. That is why Stash is first and foremost available as a software development kit (accessible below) so that developer studios can build their own custom whitelabel marketplace according to their liking:
Stash Game NFT Rental Protocol SDK

Is it possible to play these games on Stash without purchasing NFTs?

Yes. That's what most people will use Stash for. You don't have to buy an NFT to get started in the world of web3 games; renting one is an option if you don't feel like making a commitment just yet, want more leeway in how you invest your time and resources, or can't afford to outright purchase one. In all honesty, that's arguably one of the greatest options. Since not everyone is interested in or has the time to learn about web3 games the hard way through hours of YouTube videos or researching each game individually,

Getting started with the games on Stash is as easy as signing up. In any case, we have a Discord account where we try to answer queries and provide assistance around the clock if you have any.

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Can I use Stash with every single game I play?

For any game who decides to list their NFTs on Stash, the answer is yes. If you add the Typescript version of the Stash Renting SDK to your project, you can immediately use it for studio requests. Versions in Python and Rust are on the way. It works with the Avalanche, Near, Ethereum, Goerli, Immutable X, Binance Smart Chain + Testnet, Polygon, and Mumbai + Testnet chains. In this section, you'll find more details of a technical nature.

In what ways may studios take advantage of Stash?

The most significant benefit is that, in as little as half an hour, they can rent or lend their NFTs. They also use a platform and protocol that are quick, safe, audited, and helps with all parts of the process. So, creators can quickly and easily turn their NFTs into financial products, making them available to millions of online users without barriers to entry.

The ability to give players a variety of "earning as you play or gaining ownership rights" models, such as a fixed price, income sharing, or the option to buy NFTs in instalments "akin to a mortgage," means that games no longer need to rely on guilds for player acquisition.

"Does that not harm guilds?" you might wonder.

We believe guilds should give their members more than just financial gain; we're working to make that feasible by eliminating manual processes.

Guilds should rather offer their community a wide range of games and in-game asset accessible within a click. 

What should I do if I want to rent NFTs on Stash?

Currently, only CyBall NFTs are available for rent, but that will change soon, as will the amount of NFTs available. Daily, we announce more and more partnerships. Stash is a free service, so sign up, rent the NFT, and start playing right away.

How can I start building?

To get started, look at the software development kit (SDK). Let me take you here if you want to try a demonstration.

Stash Game NFT Rental Protocol SDK

Do you want to ask me anything before we get started? To that end, we will gladly respond to your inquiries. We're available via Discord, Twitter, and email.

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Rent NFTs for use or lend your NFTs to other members for a share of earnings | 243 members

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