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Hey hey Stashers,

Each day we are getting closer to more people adopting NFTs ahem digital ahem collectibles.

Who knew that number of Reddit wallets would easily exceed the number of Opensea users with 3 million wallets in Reddit? Exciting times we are going through...

Reddit Users Created 3 Million Crypto Wallets to Scoop Up Polygon NFTs - Decrypt
Reddit’s Collectible Avatars collection, launched in July, has brought millions of new users onto the blockchain.

Reddit has done an outstanding job in seamlessly integrating the NFTs as avatars for the users who would like to give it a shot. The core principle of it was integrating the adoption flow seamlessly into user experience so that it becomes something that a regular user would love to try out.

Does it remind you of something? If not, it should:

Stash Marketplace
NFT Rentals & Lendings for the best games. Easy start for NFT gaming.

Stash marketplace is also free-to-enter and sign up is fully social or email based meaning that you can sign up with Discord, Twitch, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook etc. If you do not want to open up a Metamask wallet, once you rent an asset, we will generate a custodial wallet for your ease and deliver your rental assets into that wallet.

This is also ensured to be fully secure thanks to our SDK and smart contracts.

We ensure that through a 30 minute integration of Stash SDK, you can enable permissionless and trustless access for gamers to your premium NFTs.

If you are a game studio who would like to onboard millions of people just like Reddit did, reach out. We have a sector to innovate with you guys. 

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