MetaStar <> Stash Integration

MetaStar <> Stash Integration

Hey everyone,

World Cup. Yep we are excited too. Hence for all soccer and football fans out there, we are incredibly pumped to announce our latest integration with Metastar, a web3 football game.

MetaStar Strikers is a Web3 game that combines football with a fun gameplay, allowing its players to own their assets and trade them with their friends. All in a Score & Own unique way.

MetaStar Strikers
In MetaStar Strikers, players are immersed in a football world, using exclusive NFTs, in intense multiplayer matches with friends, while earning tokens.

MetaStar & Stash

Metastar is integrating Stash NFT Rental SDK to enable easy access to their in-game NFTs so that everyone can play the game by renting or earn income by lending their NFTs.

Metastar will launch this year with football but will continue to develop variations of the game in other sports as well.

If you are looking to acquire more and more users and open your game to access, Stash SDK is right here for you.

Stash Game NFT Rental Protocol SDK

You can start implementing in simple 5 steps and have rentable NFTs as well as a marketplace under 24 hours!

Reach out to us if you have any questions or you would like to talk:

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