Native Community Chat | Vaga Waitlist

Native Community Chat | Vaga Waitlist
Today we are launching, Intercom for communities. 

Get early access

Get Early Access

Welcome welcome fam,

Today, we are pumped to unveil Vaga, Intercom for  communities. The waitlist has limited spots, so register for it now!

Vaga | Native Community Chat
Vaga is an embeddable widget where your community can engage with you and in itself without leaving your website or app.

Vaga is an embeddable widget that enables community chats natively. Noone has to go back to Telegram or Discord and sign up process is much easier.


Community marketing is one of the most effective methods for most startups and companies, web3 or web2. However they have to rely on Discord to set up a community chat. There are 3 problems that come with this:

  • People who do have a Discord account are excluded from the community
  • You have to send your users to another platform for engagement
  • Due to hundreds of servers in Discord, noone comes back to the community a second time
That is why we are building Vaga. Vaga is the chatbox widget for communities that you deserve.

It is an internal tool we had built for Stash already at Troy Labs. We decided to launch it publicly so everyone can use it.


  1. Embeddable public chat in a widget. You can embed it anywhere; Next.js Angular, Webflow, Wix...
  2. Google & Metamask logins. If you have Metamask connection, you are auto signed up. No hassles!
  3. Community analytics dashboard

How to Start

  • Just go to our website and register for the waitlist. We will be rolling out the invites very soon.
  • Each invitee will get additional 3 access codes. These codes can be used as referrals to your partners, friends etc

Also, would love your support guys in Twitter. Come hang with us

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