New Website Drop 🎉& Valorant 🕹️

New Website Drop 🎉& Valorant 🕹️

Today, we are dropping the latest redesign of our new website.

Linear's new website was built in 4 months. Well, we are more of a earth-was-created in-7-days kind of a team. So we built the website in 6 days.

Check it out now and tell us what you think 👇

Stash | Easy Gaming with NFTs
Stash is the NFT gaming marketplace where you can rent assets to play and lend assets to earn passive income from games. Explore the best games out there and chat with fellow players

To be fair, we benefited from a lot of parts from here and there and but you know what they say:

Good artists borrow, great artists steal. | Picasso

Not to say that we stole anything, sheeeesh, keep calm Saul Goodman!

The motivation behind the new website was to:

  1. highlight the developer tools and SDKs we released
  2. showcase the ability of the Stash SDK
  3. indicate what could be built using these tools to lower the entry barrier to web3 games
In the very near future, we will also add a section to highlight the studios and game titles using Stash SDK

If you want any game listed, just let us know

Apply for listing and partnership

With that being said, it still is kind of a beta version so tell us what you think boss:

Also we are co-sponsoring a Valorant tournament organized by Troy Gaming Community though it is on the Turkish server. If you wanna join, take a look:

Troy VALORANT Community Cup Tournament Registration Form
IMPORTANT REMINDERSYou must enter your Discord nickname in Example#0001. All communication proceeds through the Discord server. Please login to Discord server to read the rules and learn the details.Discord: November 19:00(GMT+3) first 4 stages.6th November 19:00(GMT…

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